Rug Repair & Restoration Service

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Rug Repair & Restoration Service Miramar

Rug Repair and Restoration Miramar

At Oriental Rug Cleaning Miramar, we provide a wide range of services for rug repair and restoration. One of our most common services is Fringe Repair. We have the skill set to add value to an old rug, making it brand new again with our fringe repair. Our collection of fabrics and wools is the best in South Florida. Whether your rug needs overcasting or new surging etc, Oriental Rug Cleaning Miramar can handle it. Call us today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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Rug Padding Miramar

Rug Padding Service

If you plan on keeping your rugs for a long period of time we strongly suggest rug padding. Rug Padding is an extremely great way to protect your investment because it provides protection between your floor(s) and rug(s)...


Rug Color Correction Miramar

Rug Color Correction

Have you ever used a steam cleaner with hot water on your rug and realized shortly after that certain colors had bleed into other sections on your rug? Maybe you've had your rug for quite sometime and noticed the colors...


Rug Customisation Miramar

Rug Customisation

At Oriental Rug Cleaning Miramar, no job is too big or too small and we mean that literally. We've had customers from all over who've been assisted by our rug resizing service.Our highly skilled professionals can take a large rug...


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